A bunch of links for the DIY Kinky Crafter:


  • Rawganique – the perfect place to order some raw hemp rope.  I prefer the 6mm diameter.  It’s easy to tie with, and, gives a good look on most guys when a few loops are made around “things”.  I usually get the 375 feet version – that usually supplies enough for 3 long lengths, 6 medium lengths, and 4-6 short lengths.  How long are those???  Take a single strand of rope in one hand.  Pull that rope with the other hand and stretch your arms as far apart as you can.  That is one (1) unit of measure.  Short = 2; Medium = 4; Long = 6 units of measure.  Sorts are great for just tying a couple limbs together or holding someone up to eye bolts for a flogging.  Mediums are great for small simple chest harnesses and smaller guys, spread eagles, hog ties, etc.  Longs are great for full chest harnesses even on larger guys, a gunslinger hip harness, a diamond or other types of body harnesses.
  • One you have your raw hemp rope, how do you treat it?  Simple – follow instructions.


More links to be posted soon.