Swindle Leather

This site is dedicated to the experiences of gay bondage, the creation of gear related to bondage play, and likely other odds and ends…

My main philosophy – it’s all about enjoyment and having fun!  Yes – some people may wonder about my (and likely your) definition of fun.  I started many years ago in the kink world.  If you listen to my brother, he’d tell you I was tying him up when I was about 8 years old. Maybe it was my grandfather’s experience in the Navy and him teaching me as a young kid on a farm knots with rope has something to do with it.  Who knows when this all really started.  I do remember many firsts in the various kinks:

  • Electro – I had hooked up a PC (Intel 386 era) with a sound-card to a stereo amp.  As a creative programmer I had some fun wave patterns and the help of many early electro stim user groups (bulletin boards, AOL groups, etc.)  I got to learn early crafts in creating electrodes – soldering, etc.
  • Bondage – The first time I tied up someone wasn’t until I started traveling for work right after college.  Hotel room bondage and the things you can use to tie someone up could be a whole book one could publish…  My travels also brought me into contact with Bound And Gagged.  Great early inspiration for scenes 🙂
  • Leather – I had experienced leather as clothing for a while, but, my first crafting with leather was with some left-over leather from a furniture project.  A hand sewn jock strap.
  • Cock and ball torture – I think I was a fan since a child.  Fixated on self CBT as a kid and developing into the extreme desire to give others what I loved so much.  I remember one of my first CBT toy projects was a hand crafted humbler.  Where that thing ever ended up in the world I will never know.

Even after all these years, each interaction I have with people in the kink world I learn more.  I love learning and sharing what I know. Thus – a great reason to start this site.  Please be patient as a full time job, volunteering with organizations, a partner, a boy, friends and family leaves me a bit tired at the end of the day to do much contribution.  But – I promise the posts will be informative and possibly entertaining.

A Disclaimer

If you’re closed minded, hateful, and just down-right mean-spirited – I’m not going to like you.  You’re not going to like me.  If you attempt to preach to me and others by using comments (or other internal/external means) on this blog, I will remove them and not feel bad about it.  It’s my blog – not yours – and I’ll do what I want with it.


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