Many are curious about prostate play and there seems to be a lot of mystery around it, including how to do it “right.” There are lots of concerns about the human body locating the best pleasurable playground right by or in a sewer system. Let’s explore how prostate play can be a very pleasurable thing and how you can “get into” it and explore this wonderful pleasure center without experiencing the stress people often have at first.

Anal Sex Class


  • Basic Anatomy Lesson
  • Preparation
  • Being a Top – Being a Bottom – Being Vers
  • Warming Up
  • Tools
    • Creams and Relaxers
    • Insertables
    • Lube
  • Getting In – Staying In
  • The Lies Your Body Tells You
  • Positions – Geometry – Physics
  • When S&#@ Happens
  • Aftercare

Class Materials