Most movies, sitcoms, even songs joke about someone being hit in the balls – and everyone assumes it’s a bad thing.  Well – it’s not – it’s sexy.  The art and science of cock and ball torture can create intense endorphin rushes and can intensify an orgasm many fold.  There are so many techniques and equipment to conduct an amazing CBT session – however, some of the more intimate sessions just use your hands and the other things you may have had since birth. 

CBT Class


  • Philosophy (why do it)
  • Anatomy (what you’re working with)
  • Safety (how to keep things in shape for the next session)
  • Methods, Techniques, Equipment
    • Crushing
      • Hands, feet, mouth
      • Ball crushers (vices)
      • Scrotal rings
    • Hitting
      • Hands, feet
      • Floggers
      • Towels
      • Paddles (hard and padded)
      • Canes
    • Pulling
      • Rope
      • Parachute
      • Rings
    • Sensation
      • Pins and needles
      • Pin wheels
      • Topical ointments (toothpaste, ben gay, ginger)
      • Temperature changes
      • Wax
      • Clothespins
      • Tickle, touch
      • Electro
      • Shaving
    • Isolation
      • CBT boards
      • Glory Hole (but a bit more intense)
      • Chastity
      • Stockade
    • Manipulation
      • Sounding
      • Tying/binding
      • CBT boards
  • Scene Management and Journey
  • Aftercare

Course Materials